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Here are some links to other website with content that I have found useful.

ASCOM Standards Web Site
ASCOM is the body that has standardize multi-vendor astronomy control drivers. They allow any ASCOM software to control any instrument with a ASCOM driver. The driver types include Telescopes/Mounts, focusers, domes, and soon cameras, filter wheels and weather devices.

Squawk Mountain Telescope
Squawk mountain telescope gang is a loosely organized group of astronomers with funny hats, irregular meeting schedules no real membership rules, but it has managed to gather a following of the most influential armature who have made some ground breaking contributions.

Focus Max and Pole Align Max
Larry Webber and Steve Brady have come up with some great tools for helping manage scope setup. Focus Max does completely automated focusing, and Pole Align Max helps do excellent polar alignment in just minutes. Both work with Maxim/DL and ASCOM telescopes to automate the process.

Cyanogen / Diffraction Limited
Cyanogen is the maker of Maxim/DL and a sister company to Main Sequence Software, makers of Desktop Universe. Doug George and partner Peter Ceravolo have made some really neat software.

DC3 Dreams
DC3 dreams is the publisher of ACP3 and Pinpoint. ACP3 is a comprehensive observatory control system that drives Maxim/DL and ASCOM controlled equipment to manage all the details of capturing images automatically and unattended. The also allow remote monitoring and control over the web.

Other Armature sitesI referenced when building Bear Creek Observatory
Ajai Sehgal’s Observatory
Michael Cook’s observatory
Joe’s foam dome
Jay R. Ballauer's fine site is All About Astro
Major List of armature observatories (not all home built)

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