Control your Eos from the leading High-End Astronomical control and Imaging software: Maxim/DL

The advent of the Digital SLR and RAW mode shooting has made digital astro photography available to the masses at an impressive price to performance basis, but the software lags behind. Digital SLR cameras lack the software support to compete with commercial astronomical CCD cameras, until now. Now the rich feature set once only available to high-end astro cameras can now be used on your Eos digital SLR. The Eos Driver for Maxim/DL provides control and downloads thru USB or Firewire, and with an optional exposure cable can take very long exposure astronomical photographs and load them straight into Maxim/DL impressive image processing system. Now you can enjoy point and click telescope and camera control right from your computer screen and streamline the process of taking great picture. The driver is compatible with most DLSR parallel and serial cables. If you need a cable or would like to have a cable modified we recommend Hap’s Astro Cables or purchase our retail kit which comes with a cable that works on the 300D out of the box and include a kit for adapting a remote for all other models.

Product Summary

Finally you can use your Canon Eos camera as a full featured astronomical camera. Get all the benefits of instrument control, image processing and automation from the most comprehensive camera control software: Maxim/DL.
V2.5 Now Available for Compatibility with Maxim/DL CCD 4.5

The Eos Driver is no longer for Sale. It has been superseded by the Diffraction Limited Max/DSLR & DSLR Plugin Products avaialble from Diffraction Limited

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  • We will continue to support the Max Eos plugin for another year, but we recommend upgrading to the Diffraction Limited DSLR plug. It has better integration, support for many other Models, and reads files directly info Maxim/DL. Existing Bear Creek Cusomter receive a half price upgrade to the Diffraction Limited Driver.
  • Support for EOS digital line (10D, 300D/Rebel, 350D/Rebel XT, 1Ds, D60, D30, 20D, 1Dmk2, 1Dsmk2 )
  • Version 2.1 now shipping!
  • Fully control camera thru Maxim/DL
  • Directly control ISO from the Expose and Sequence Dialogs
  • Add ISO variations to sequesnces
  • Fast focus mode for interactive focusing.
  • Raw mode for 12bit image quality.
  • Exposures over 30 seconds supported with remote release cable.
  • Exposures up to 30 seconds done thru USB/Firewire Cable.
  • Imediate Download thru USB/Firewire: No CF card needed.
  • Fully supports cables from:
  • Binning & subframe support in the driver.
  • See presale FAQ for more information.
  • Visit for details on the Diffraction Limited DSLR Support for Maxim/DL

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