Bear Creek Observatory was a privately owned amateur observatory specializing in imaging software for astronomy and open for non-profit educational outreach programs on a pre-arranged basis. The orginal Observatory building and the property it was on were sold in July of 2021 and the Dome is not longer available for events.

The observatory building was designed and built by Jonathan Fay. The entire structure including the dome was built from scratch from materials available from your average home improvement store, yet if has advanced features like automation and synchronized tracking of the observatory telescope. This website documents some the history of the research, design and contraction of the observatory along with information and links useful to other amateurs wishing to build and observatory of there own. 

Jonathan is also available for speaking on DSLR astrophotography for astronomy clubs or non-profit educational environments. He has presented several talks on DSLR astrophotography at the Table Mountain Star Party in August. The Powerpoint Slides are here.

Jonathan is a software developer who has written a nubmer  tools to help make astronomy with Digital cameras easier. He also is a contibutor to the ASCOM initiative, driving much of the early .NET activity including reference C# telescope and dome templates, and more recently the .NET 2.0 framework support for all the ASCOM objects.

Imaging in the dome under the stars. Taken with Canon Eos 300D. Now you can control your Eos from Maxim/DL. Click here for more details.


Bear Creek Observatory
Phone: 425-869-7385 - info@bearcreekobservatory.com

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